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Corn Flakes - There Is No "I" In Corn

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Jay Moore got married during the off-season (congrats, Jay), and lost weight down to 259 to be a more effective outside linebacker for the 49ers. Moore's rookie season ended early last year when he suffered a high-ankle sprain. He talks about his injury, and what's ahead.

He managed to get in a plug in for Carl Nicks, too:

"He’s a good player. Out of all the tackles there, he’s the one that gave me the biggest fits.... He’s pretty athletic for a big guy."

Josh Brown went to the Rams, remember. The reaction from Seattle Fans is typical of the "he sucked anyway variety".

Just a guess, but I'm betting Thomas Lawson gets his rushing touchdown this season.

Blah Blah Blah, Iowa State won't offer single-game tickets. Man, that's got to irritate Iowa Hawkeyes fans and anything that irritates them can't be all bad, can it? I'll be in Ames for the Iowa State game come this fall. You going?

Just so all y'all are understanding things - the weekend series are important in college baseball. The midweek series - notsomuch. That's when you put your young guys out there and let 'er rip and see what they can do.

But when UTSA beats Baylor midweek, ending a 23-game win streak by the Bears, you have to wonder what the hell is going on in Waco. Baylor was picked to finish near the top of the Big 12. If they've already taken themselves out of the running, that's one less team we have to worry about for postseason play.

From Lubbock Online comes another "Nebraska is playing great as a team" article in which coach Mike Anderson states:

"They're just playing together," Anderson said. "This team has developed its own identity. We don't talk about last year at all. It's just who we are. We haven't revamped or redone the program and said Here we are, brand new.' What we've done is concentrate on winning as a team and being there for each other. The kids deserve a lot of credit because they understand they're not the most talented team in the conference, so in order for them to have success, they have to do it together."

There was plenty of grumbling going on in Lincoln last season. The Huskers were getting into trouble and losing games. That left a lot of people wondering if Anderson was the right guy for the job. The season's far from over, obviously, but Anderson has these guys playing extremely well.

20 of 35 players had not seen the field in a Husker uniform before this season started. With so many newcomers, there is a higher than average possibility that they all wouldn't get along. Yet here they are, leading the Big 12. One key thing to notice about this season - how many games they've come from behind to win. Last year they didn't do that. They folded. This season, they're consistently battling back to win games.

What a difference a year makes.