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Haymarket Arena Proposal (with video)

[ED - Bumped from the diaries yet again....]

The city of Lincoln has been looking towards building a new convention center area and arena in the west Haymarket area (near Haymarket Park) for some time now, and now the Journal-Star reports that the mayor has selected the Lincoln Traction Partners' proposal.

The proposal, which will go before Lincoln voters next year, contains the new Haymarket Arena (to replace the aging Pershing center), a 150-room hotel attached to the arena with 70 club-suite like rooms that face into the arena, a second 250-seat hotel near the arena, and three parking garages with built-in retail space.

The arena would likely (as seen in LTP's video) be the new home for Husker Basketball.  The arena looks to be NBA-caliber (like the Qwest Center), and would immediately be one of the top facilities in the Big XII.

Anyway, LTP included a video of their proposed site, which the Journal-Star was kind enough to post.  And here it is, for your curiousity: