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Husker Walk-Ons: Overrated or Essential?

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The walk-on program has returned under Tom Osborne.. er, Bo Pelini. Not that it ever really left under Bill Callahan, but you got the idea that it was around only as an amusement. Certainly it was de-emphasized - which means it was comparable to when you’re a civil servant and they assign you off to some meaningless corner department somewhere. You’re still getting paid and they didn’t fire you, but to everyone else you’re a dead man.

The "walk-on makes good" story is a great story. It’s a feel-good story, an American ‘rags to riches’ story. It makes a dream accessible for the everyday kid growing up in Nebraska - who when they were little didn’t dream of one day playing for the Cornhuskers?

Much is made of the walk-on program at Nebraska - I wonder if far more success is attributed to it than it deserves. I’m not saying that out of some blasphemous intent or hidden agenda, but I am wondering what others are thinking.

Given that, who’s your favorite walk-on, or better yet - when you hear the phrase ‘walk-on’ and ‘Husker’ together, what pops into your head? It can be a person, but it can also be a concept. I’d like to know what you’re thinking.