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NFL Draft Day One: No Huskers Taken

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There have been no Huskers taken on the first day of the NFL draft. I find it surprising that Carl Nicks is still available, I thought that we would at least be taken by the middle of the second round. Like I said earlier, this isn’t saying a whole lot for the talent level that Bill Callahan brought to Nebraska.

Only one Big 12 player was taken in the first round - Aqib Taliq from Kansas going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the 20th pick.

The second round saw:

  • WR Jordy Nelson, Kansas State, to the Green Bay Packers
  • LB Curtis Lofton, Oklahoma to the Atlanta Falcons
  • LB Jordon Dizon, Colorado to the Detroit Lions (poor bastard)
  • WR Malcom Kelly, Oklahoma to the Washington Redskins
  • WR Limas Sweed, Texas to the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • TE Martellus Bennett, Texas A&M to the Dallas Cowboys
  • CB Terrence Wheatle, Colorado to the New England Patriots

Two defensive players from Colorado, and Malcolm Kelly goes ahead of Limas Sweed. Wow.

Eight from the Big 12 sounds awful until you look at the major conference break downs:

  • 11 from the ACC
  • 8 from the Big 10
  • 4 from the Big East
  • 2 from Notre Dame, otherwise known as "Independents"
  • 11 from the Pac -10
  • 28 from the SEC

Okay, the 28 from the SEC is a typo. They had only 8 taken in the first two rounds, but it’s best not to piss them off. These SEC guys get all freaky if someone implies their conference isn't the best at football.

[UPDATE - 11:52 AM - Danny Woodhead was just on ESPN's draft day coverage. Man this guy is humble. Given the chance to spout on about his own accomplishments, he re-iterates that he'd love to be drafted, doesn't like to talk about himself, and only wants the opportunity to show what he's got. He won over the announcer dudes immediately.]