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This Won't End Well

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Hey there Husker fans,

It's been a while, I know, but one half of MidWest Coast Bias has found a new spot to roost and that spot is here within the Corn Nation.  John may be joining me at one point but let me just say that it's great to be able to converse with you all again.

Where have I been?  Oh, just wandering aimlessly around the Internet.  Kind of like one of those trips to Europe kids take after college or so I'm told.  I recently met up with Corn Blight who has just as much the mouth of a sailor as I do, so don't let him tell you any different.  With that said, with this very proud yet brief post, if you don't know who I am and even if you do, the menu to be served is slightly different.  What can you expect of Blankman 2K8 besides an even deeper dynasty mode?

Blasphemy.  I apologize, Husker Mike, I really do, but as much as I appreciate a nice fluff piece when I have a hankering for cotton candy, I stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy a long time ago.  Combine the need to feel my cynicism and paranoia with the tinfoil I purchase in bulk at Sam's Club.  You do the math.

Recruiting analysis.  Yep, I still talk about recruiting just about as much as I talk about football in and of itself.  If you're a fan of the subject, you just got yourself one more reason to visit Corn Nation (aside from the fact that we're soon posting co-ed flag football scores imaginary or not).  If you're not...well, that's unfortunate

I just like that little so I'm using it again.  Really, I may sound all doom and gloom lately, but quality commentary has to come from the heart and quite frankly?  I respect the fans of Nebraska far too much to dumb things down and make everything flowery when it isn't.  I'm an optimist not an idiot despite what many think.  I get a sense of fun from the fans again and honestly, it does us all good.  Happy to be here, Corn Nation and for better or for worst, I'm here to stay.