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Nebraska vs Creighton - Could We See Rivals Brawlin?

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Nebraska and in-state rival Creighton meet Tuesday and Wednesday night in  mid-week two-game series that was set up due to an earlier game being re-scheduled on account of cold weather. Normally the schools would play a three-game series scheduled over the course of a few weeks.

Creighton is currently fourth in the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) with a 8-7 conference record, 25-13 overall. The Huskers come in second in the Big 12 with a 13-4-1 record, 28-7-1 overall.

Comparative Stats

Nebraska Creighton
RPI 15 107
Strength of Schedule 11 109
Team Batting Average .279 .280
Team Pitching - ERA 3.47 3.71

RPI and SOS comparisons are to be expected as Nebraska plays in the Big 12, whereas Creighton plays in a conference where Wichita State is a perennial powerhouse, but most other teams are relative unknowns.

Neither team is an offensive powerhouse and both have solid pitching. While there's a tendency to believe the Huskers are superior.... oh, screw it, the Huskers are a superior team. I know that this is an intense rivalry game because it features kids from Omaha that went to Nebraska and other kids who maybe wanted to go to Nebraska but ended up at Creighton, but Nebraska should win both of these games.

Our mid-week pitching staff is better than Creighton's, more depth, and they've seen better opponents.

Lots of this congratulatin' going on tonight, tomorrow night.

Projected Starting Pitchers

Nebraska Creighton
Tuesday Dan Jennings, Jr., LHP (4-0, 1.60 ERA) Greg Hellhake, R-Fr., LHP (2-0, 4.67 ERA)
Wednesday TBA TBA

Right now, Dan Jennings has the lowest ERA on the Husker team. He's made 13 appearances, starting five games and pitched one complete game so far this season. For Creighton, Greg Hellhake has made only six appearances and started two games - not a lot of experience for a guy coming into Lincoln for the first time. Should be interesting. Should be a Husker win.

Listen, Watch!

Tonight's game will be in Lincoln at Haymarket Park. It will be televised live by Nebraska Educational Television (Ch. 12 and Ch. 112) and CBS College Sports (Ch. 610 on DirecTV; Ch. 152 on Dish and Ch. 305 on Time Warner Cable).

Wednesday night's game will be at Rosenblatt. The game will be shown on My TV (Ch. 110 on Time Warner; Ch. 25 on DirecTV) and 620 in Omaha (Cox Ch. 120).

Note that above is what is posted on
CBS CS's - (CSTV) online schedule shows tonight's baseball listing as Texas @ Baylor, with Wednesday night's Nebraska-Creighton game being televised.

You may listen to both games live over the Internet at

In case you're not paying attention to the rest of the college baseball world, there was an incident at last weekend's Miami- Florida State game where the two teams cleared their benches and threatened to fight. Alas, they didn't. Or thank goodness they didn't. I'm not sure which.

Of course it's been captured for posterity and posted on youtube, thanks for asking!

It goes without saying that this kind of behavior wouldn't happen between Big 12 teams, as the level of respect and sportsmanship is simply too high to allow it. Miami and Florida State, though, is it all that shocking?

Doubtful that this stuff could happen between Creighton and Nebraska. Well, at least in Lincoln. You never know what's going to happen in Omaha.