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Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review - April 21st, 2008

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In the Big 12 this week:

- Texas A&M stays in first place with a series sweep over Baylor

- Texas gets swept at home by Oklahoma State, the first home sweep against them since 1996

- Nebraska holds second in Big 12 with series win over Kansas

- Kansas State drives Tech into the cellar

I'm running a day late due to travel.

Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review - April 21st, 2008

Big 12 National Rankings
National Collegiate Baseball Writers April 21st TexasA&M, 6th; Missouri, 9th;  Nebraska, 13th; Oklahoma State 14th; Texas, 25th;  Baylor, 29th
Baseball America Top 25 April 21st Missouri, 4th; Nebraska, 8th; Oklahoma State, 13th; Txas A&M, 18th
Collegiate Baseball Top 25 April 21st Texas A&M, 8th; Nebraska, 10th;  Missouri, 11th; Oklahoma State, 18th
ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll April 21st Texas A&M, 6th;  Nebraska, 8th; Missouri, 10th; Oklahoma State 14th

Record Last Week Results Upcoming (RPI)
Baylor 1-4 Tue., Apr. 15    Baylor 11, Dallas Baptist 4
Wed., Apr. 16    Dallas Baptist 13, Baylor 5
Fri., Apr. 18    Texas A&M 2, Baylor 1
Sat., Apr. 19    Texas A&M 11, Baylor 1
Sun., Apr. 20    Texas A&M 13, Baylor 12 (11)
Texas (37)
@Texas State (88)
Nebraska (15)
Awful week for Baylor, losing two one-run games to the Aggies. The first loss came when an Aggie was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded. Then on Sunday Baylor takes the Ags to 11 innings, losing on a two-out RBI single. Tough losses.
The mid-week game with Texas is not a conference game. I'm not sure how they do that, but it's not a conference game.
Kansas 3-2 Tue., Apr. 15    Kansas 11, Baker 6
Wed., Apr. 16    Kansas 7, Missouri State 6
Fri., Apr. 18    Nebraska 7, Kansas 6
Sat., Apr. 19    Nebraska 8, Kansas 6
Sun., Apr. 20    Kansas 6, Nebraska 3
@ Wichita State (20)
@Oklahoma State (6)
I saw all three games in this series - Kansas played pretty well. All three were great games. Friday night the Jayhawks did a good job of hitting and scored six runs against Husker ace Johnny Dorn, but they committed two errors that allowed three unearned runs to score. Saturday, again, KU played well, but Husker catcher Mitch Abeita hit a grand slam in the fourth. Those two losses for KU came down to not making the hits when they needed them most. Sunday, it was the Huskers' turn. The Jayhawks made the plays, and Nebraska had poor hitting in critical situations.
Kansas State 2-2 Tue., Apr. 15    Creighton 6, Kansas State 5 (11) 
Fri., Apr. 18    Kansas State 12, Texas Tech 3
Sat., Apr. 19    Kansas State 7, Texas Tech 4 (10)
Sun., Apr. 20    Texas Tech 19, Kansas State 4 (7)
UC Irvine (18)
Texas (37)
Kansas State picked up their second Big 12 series win over Tech in Lubbock. With the wins, Kansas State moved themselves above Oklahoma tied for seventh place with Kansas. Remember that only the top eight teams make the Big 12 tourney, so if you're not in that, there's no way to make a NCAA tourney run.
Missouri 3-1 Wed., Apr. 16    Missouri 16, William Woods 9 
Fri., Apr. 18    Missouri 9, Oklahoma 4
Sat., Apr. 19    Missouri 6, Oklahoma 5 (10)
Sun., Apr. 20    Oklahoma 22, Missouri 4 (7)
Eastern Illinois (206)
Southern Illinois (169)
@Texas A&M (22)
Missouri picked up a series win at Norman, the first time the Tigers have taken a series in Norman since 1971. Holy cow. That's unbelievable. It was a close series, though, Friday's game - the Sooners were up 4-1 after six when the Tigers came back. Saturday's game was extra innings, and Sunday the Tigers got run-ruled.
Missouri has won the series finale only once in five Big 12 series and has lost the last four Sundays. Sunday's loss was the worst for Mizzou since an 18-0 loss to Oklahoma State in 1991. What this says about the Tigers is that they still have a shot at the Big 12, but without a deep pitching staff they're not going to get far in the postseason.
Nebraska 4-1 Tue., Apr. 15    Nebraska 3, Wichita State 0    
Fri., Apr. 18    Nebraska 7, Kansas 6
Sat., Apr. 19    Nebraska 8, Kansas 6
Sun., Apr. 20    Kansas 6, Nebraska 3
Creighton (107)
@Baylor (47)
Nebraska had a nice week - shutting out highly-ranked Wichita State, then winning the series at home against Kansas. Kansas played tough, but in the first two games the Huskers battled and got the plays they need to win the series. Friday night's game was a back and forth game. KU took an early lead, then the Huskers scored three in the fourth, with KU coming right back in the fifth with three of their own. Nebraska's winning runs came in the seventh as Craig Corriston belted in two RBI. In the ninth, Kansas had moved a runner to third and it looked like the game would go extra innings (and it was cold at Haymarket Friday), but the 'Hawk's batter popped up a foul to end the game.
Saturday was more of the same - with Nebraska contiuing to get hits when they were needed.
Sunday's game featured Omaha native TJ Walz pitching 7 2/3 innings for the Jayhawks and picking up his first conference win. It was KU's turn to get the hits and make the plays.
Nebraska pitching coach Eric Newman got tossed Sunday after a fairly explosive encounter with the home plate ump. The calls were inconsistent on both sides - it seems that it's really hard for these guys to make a third strike call, and nearly impossible to get a third strike at 0-2.
Oklahoma 3-2
Tue., Apr. 15    Oklahoma 5, TCU 4 (12)      
Wed., Apr. 16    Oklahoma 15, Southern Nazarene 3 (8)          
Fri., Apr. 18    Missouri 9, Oklahoma 4
Sat., Apr. 19    Missouri 6, Oklahoma 5 (10)
Sun., Apr. 20    Oklahoma 22, Missouri 4 (7)
TCU (32)
@Texas Tech (88)
I haven't looked it up yet, but I have to believe that Oklahoma is losing more close games than anyone else in conference. Oklahoma is a better baseball team than their record shows and this past weekend is a good example. They lose a series to Mizzou by one run in extra innings - but then Sunday they blast the Tigers for 22 runs on 24 hits.
Oklahoma State 4-1 Tue., Apr. 15    UT Arlington 7, Oklahoma State 3
Wed., Apr. 16    Oklahoma State 25, Mid-America Christian 1
Fri., Apr. 18    Oklahoma State 2, Texas 1 (11)
Sat., Apr. 19    Oklahoma State 8, Texas 7    
Sun., Apr. 20    Oklahoma State 13, Texas 10
Wichita State (20)
Kansas (122)
Is Oklahoma State good, or does Texas really suck? I'm leaning towards the latter, although I suspect it's a combination of the two. Okie State goes into Austin and sweeps a series by a total of five runs. On Friday, OSU pitcher Andrew Toliver pitched eight innings, giving up one run on only three hits, while walking four and striking out seven. Saturday, the Cowboys scored three runs in the top of the ninth to take the series. On Sunday, Texas lead 8-2 after five innings but the Cowboys added three in the sixth, five in the eighth, and three in the ninth. Cowboy Rebel Ridling went 3-for-5 with two home runs and a triple and five RBI.
I'd be re-miss if I didn't point out that UTSA beat both OSU and Texas this past week.
Texas 0-4 Wed., Apr. 16    UT Arlington 4, Texas 3         
Fri., Apr. 18    Oklahoma State 2, Texas 1 (11)  
Sat., Apr. 19    Oklahoma State 8, Texas 7    
Sun., Apr. 20    Oklahoma State 13, Texas 10
@Baylor (47)
UT-San Antonio (77)
@Kansas State (73)
Texas season is all about "get a lead and lose it". They appear to be having the season that Nebraska had last year where they just can't things going and that was all about a lack of team chemistry. Last weekend Texas was torched by Missouri, this weekend they give up their first home sweep in over 10 years and their first in Big 12 conference history. I'm not sure when the last time Texas was below .500 in Big 12 play (other than at the start of a season, maybe), or if that has happened, but that's where they are now.
If they go into KSU next weekend and lose the series you might as well write them off.
Texas A&M 3-1 Tue., Apr. 15    Rice 11, Texas A&M 2
Fri., Apr. 18    Texas A&M 2, Baylor 1
Sat., Apr. 19    Texas A&M 11, Baylor 1
Sun., Apr. 20    Texas A&M 13, Baylor 12 (11)
Texas State (88)
Missouri (41)
Texas A&M has a school-record 12-game conference winning streak and they are hot hot hot. I thought that Baylor would at least pull off one win, but NO! Like i said earlier, Baylor lost by the smallest of margins, but when you're hot, that's how it happens. You get all the small things and the Aggies have it right now.
Texas Tech 1-5 Tue., Apr. 15    UNLV 9, Texas Tech 8
Wed., Apr. 16    UNLV 15, Texas Tech 8
Fri., Apr. 18    Kansas State 12, Texas Tech 3
Sat., Apr. 19    Kansas State 7, Texas Tech 4 (10)
Sun., Apr. 20  Texas Tech 19, Kansas State 4 (7)
 New Mexico State (159)
@New Mexico State
Oklahoma (48)
Tech lost a series to Kansas State at home. They are in the cellar.  That's about it.