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Corn Flakes - Support The Boystown Athletic Department Version

Husker Mike continues to provide the best coverage around regarding the Omaha Ball Park issue. Looks like everything is level, man, full steam ahead!

Cody Glenn is considering a switch to linebacker.  A couple of things about this:

  • Cody Glenn is smart and ambitious. That's a good thing. We need guys like him.
  • Does this speak volumes as to how badly the defense was neglected over the past few years?????

Husker Guy chimes in with his two bits about Glenn, making some points worth listening to.

CU is considering building a hotel right near Folsom Field for an on-campus conference center. Are you thinking what I'm thinking, that this is really an excuse to help out with the recruiting????

KSU swaps Fresno State out to play Montana State this September, not off in some future, distant place and time. I haven't seen this mentioned much, but it should be. The Wizard of Odds covers this for what it should be seen as  - pure gutlessness on behalf of Ron Prince.

I suppose it's nothing different than what they were already accustomed to in Manhattan from the Snyder era.

Tom Dienhart at the Sporting News ranks the Big 12 coaches. He ranks Bo Pelini ninth, behind Mike Sherman. Here's what he says about both:

  1. Mike Sherman, Texas A&M. If NFL pedigree is your thing, you'll like the fact that Sherman posted a 57-39 record in six seasons coaching the Green Bay Packers, leading them to three division titles and four playoff appearances. And Sherman is well-versed in all things Aggie, having served as an assistant in College Station twice (1989-93 and 1995-96). That also was the last time he coached in college. Does he still have it?
  1. Bo Pelini, Nebraska. Let's be honest: Pelini should have gotten this job in 2003, when Frank Solich was canned. Where would the Cornhuskers be now if that had happened? I expect Pelini to shoot up this list quickly, as he grows into a role he was born to perform. His defensive smarts are well documented, but most impressive is his ability to connect with players and get them to fulfill their potential.

I don't have a problem with ranking Pelini ninth because he hasn't established a track record. And spouting this stuff about 2003 is just Dienhart's way of sucking up to the Cornhusker faithful. Ranking him behind Mike Sherman, though? He's obviously missed the part where Sherman destroyed Green Bay by his horrendous judge of talent.

Volleyball coach John Cook will be the featured speaker at a May 1st benefit to help fund the Boystown athletic department. There will be oral and silent auctions available of sports memorabilia. Tickets are $80 or $800 for a table of 10, and there will be a cash bar.

You don't get much more Nebraska than this, folks.

If you have a Husker-related event, send us the info and we'll give it a plug. It's the least we can do.