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Cornhusker Spring Game - Let's Just Pick Sides

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Bo Pelini has announced the format for this upcoming weekend’s Spring Game -

Starters will be split evenly among the Red and White squads for Nebraska's spring football game next week, coach Bo Pelini says.

Pick your nose, pick your sides, what's the difference?
Unless they’re releasing a depth chart, there’s no way of knowing who the starters are. Oh, you can get your educated guesses in at some positions, i.e., Joe Ganz will be the starting quarterback, but at others it’s still nothing more than a guess.
That has to be true for the coaches, too. They’re still learning more about this team and the players they have. Whether someone is a designated starter is immaterial at this point. That's the media's problem more than it is the coaching staff.
If I were in charge, I’d have Joe Ganz and Ndamukong Suh be captains on one side, Marlon Lucky and Barry Turner on the other. Then I’d let them pick their teams like you did when you were in sixth grade. This is probably a good indication as to why I’m not in charge.
Given the game is a sell-out it should provide for a fun experience. I know I’m looking forward to it. Since we don’t have real football for another few months, I can at least pretend for a couple hours next Saturday, then go have a beer and talk about it as if it’s real. It's better than nothing and that's the only other alternative at this point.