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Baseball: Nebraska Loses Pitching Duel To Okie State, Texas Loses By 19 To Missouri

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I listened to the Nebraska - Okie State game last night over the Internet. Cowboys pitcher Andrew Oliver won the pitching duel over Johnny Dorn, allowing only three hits, striking out 10 and not giving up a walk. Dorn was his usual brilliant self, pitching a complete game and allowing only four hits and striking out seven.

The only run of the evening came in the sixth inning after Bryce Nimmo slipped on the soggy warning track and the fly hit by Michael Dabbs fell from his glove, allowing  lead-off triple. Later in the inning Jordy Mercer hit an RBI single and that was the ball game.

Nebraska's three hits came from Mitch Abeita, Cody Neer, and Bryce Nimmo.

The Cornhuskers lose their second Big 12 game of the season and  Johnny Dorn picks up his first loss on the season. It was also Nebraska's first Friday night loss since the opening game at Stanford.

Texas - Missouri
NU's baseball announcers gave a score update early in the Texas - Missouri game, and in the first two innings, Texas was up 8-0. That's to be expected, or so I thought, as Texas has jumped out to an early start quite a bit this year.

Then an inning or two later, announcer Greg Sharpe mentioned that Missouri was ahead 10-8. I thought that was odd, given the Tigers inability to generate runs. I forgot about it the rest of the night, and this morning got up to check the score.

One of the best sources for Texas baseball is Joanna's Longhorn baseball page, so that's where I went first. The line showed a 31-12 Texas loss.

I thought maybe she'd gotten it wrong. Texas giving up 31 runs to a team that has had problems generating anything? No way, but NCAA-Baseball showed the same score. Must have been some kind of revenge for Texas getting to Missouri ace Aaron Crow who gave up his first runs of the Big 12 season in the early innings.

Here's Joanna's take:

The Tigers then got to the Texas starter, Austin Wood. He gave up 3 solo homeruns in the bottom of the 2nd. No worries, though. Right? The Horns still had a 5-run lead. They even padded it with another run in the 3rd. And, then the wheels really fell off. The Tigers scored 10 in the bottom of the 3rd. Yep, 10. Sadly, they were not done there. They scored 6 more in the 4th. And, 6 again in the 6th (in response to a single run scored by the Horns in the top of the inning) and then 2 more in the 7th. Texas scraped a couple together in the 8th. 'Course, the Tigers answered with 4 more in the bottom of the inning. For a grand total of 31.

Oeeewwwheee! Talk about a blood-letting! What's going to happen today!???!!!!

Other than that, all the Big 12 home teams won Friday.

  • Texas A&M 8, Oklahoma 7
  • Kansas State 6, Baylor 1
  • Kansas 9, Texas Tech 5

Nebraska's Thad Weber (6-1, 3.06 ERA) will be going up against the Oklahoma State's Tyler Lyons (5-2, 3.12 ERA).

Weber has pitched brilliantly this season. It will be interesting to see how he handles this game. There'll be extra pressure on him as he's accustomed to coming in after a Friday night win. Lose today, we lose the series.

Consider this your game day thread to comment on today's game. Nebraska hasn't lost a Big 12 series yet this season, here's hoping that record stays intact.