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Husker Basketball Game Day Thread vs. Colorado - Nebraska Says Goodbye To Aleks Maric

Opponent: Colorado!

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2008, 2:05 p.m. CST

Listen:Huskers Sports Network,Nebraska broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 118
TV: FSN Midwest
Webcast: None - Not Available on Channel Surfing
Arena: Bob Devaney Sports Center (13,595)

Please use this thread to discuss the Nebraska - Colorado basketball game or any other games you might be watching (or listening to) today.

There's only one thing you need to know - this is Aleks Maric last home game as a Husker basketball player.

We've paid attention to what's happened to the Cornhusker football program, the upheaval, the problems, the un-Nebraska nature of the program and what all, but we don't apply the same to the basketball program.

Aleks Maric hasn't has much of a fair shake at Nebraska. Barry Collier, a guy who I was sure would be successful - wasn't. In comes Doc Sadler on a re-building mission. He flies to Australia. He convinces Aleks Maric to stay a Husker.

Nebraska basketball hasn't been a rose garden throughout the years. Still without a NCAA tourney win, Husker basketball is perennially climbing up a hill. Aleks Maric stayed, probably with the knowledge that he wouldn't see the top of that hill.

Nebraska should fold, bend and mutilate Colorado today. Aleks Maric should be fed the ball like a baby looking for mashed green peas. He should score like voting in Chicago - early and often. Marics' shots should fall like it's raining cats and dogs. More cliches welcome in the comments section.

Thank you, Aleks Maric for remaining a Husker, for being one of the best when we needed a bright light to shine.