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Andy Christensen Indefinitely Suspended

Andy Christensen was arrested early Saturday morning for first degree sexual assult, failure to comply and resisting arrest.

Christen reportedly approached a 23-year old woman from behind and put his hand under her skirt. He has been suspended indefinitely by new coach Bo Pelini.

Christensen is a senior and was projected be a starter at guard or center this fall.

Pelini is a first-year coach and everyone will be watching him closely to see if he's serious about his discipline or will let things slide. Given what we know about Pelini's personality (and not to make light of the situation, as I stated previously the charges are serious), Christensen is doomed unless it turns out that this was all a big misunderstanding. You never want to be the first player to do something stupid under a new coaching regime, and unfortunately Andy Christensen is that guy.

As the guys at Big Red Network stated a few days ago - this is bad news season. Stuff like this isn’t good for everyone involved.