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Afternoon Caffeine Gives Something to Everyone

I wasn't aware that ESPN had granted All-Access to the Sooners for the Nebraska game. If you like seeing a disgusted coach and disappointed athletes who got that at the hands of Doc Sadler's boys, you'll  enjoy the video.

All is fine in the world of Husker volleyball. John Cook and Sarah Pavan are fine. Joe Starita is fine with his journalism students Sam Erb and Katelyn Kerkhove.

According to coach John Cook, much of what was written was untrue or taken out of context. It embarrassed the program and confused NU players and fans. Pavan is welcome in the program, Cook said.

"We're having dinner at my house Sunday," he said. "She's invited."

The reporters, Katelyn Kerkhove and Sam Erb, stand by their stories. Their reporting professor, Joe Starita, said they "have just been a model of journalistic integrity from the very first question that was asked to Sarah Pavan."

Journalism students learned that when they publish something it takes on a life of it's own. Sarah Pavan learned that she shouldn't give four hours worth of interviews to a reporter without knowing exactly what's going to be written. Her volleyball teammates learned why the University likes to control access to their athletes.

Isn't this what the college experience is supposed to be about?

CSTV's Eric Sorenson gives kudos to the Big 12 and Nebraska:  

1- The Big 12.
Just for the record, Texas Tech, you guys are buying the next beer round. The Big 12 went 9-1 in games on Sunday, with the only loss being Tech's 5-4 loss to Rice in the Houston College Classic. Seven of those nine wins came on away from the confines of home stadiums. Biggest shock? Nebraska completing the four-game sweep of UC Riverside with a 13-1 whitewashing. (That and the fact that they got the game in before a massive snow storm was about to hit the midlands)

Did you know that the Husker women's tennis team is 11-0 and ranked #4? Neither did I but that has to be good, doesn't it?

SB Nation is proud to announce the re-birth of our Texas A&M blog "The 12th Man Child".  Speaking of the Aggies, I've been meaning to say something about their choice of Mike Sherman as their new head coach -  "I'm glad it's you guys and not us."
Any Packers fan can tell you about Mike Sherman. A decent head coach, but when he became the head coach and general manager things weren't so good.... do I need to explain any further or just remind all y'all of the name Ahmad Carroll? Drafted in the first round as a cornerback in 2004 by Sherman, currently playing for the Orlando Predators in the Arena League. Maybe he'll have better luck evaluating talent at the college level. Or maybe not.
Good luck to you Aggie faithful, you're going to need it.

Olin Buchanan through Yahoo gives us an incredibly early preview of 2008 Big 12 football. Under his biggest position battles, he has the following about Nebraska:

Nebraska: Outside linebacker. The Huskers’ top four linebackers from ‘07 have completed their eligibility, which leaves starting jobs there for the taking. Phillip Dillard is the probable starter inside, but Major Culbert, LaTravis Washington, Tyler Wortman, Blake Lawrence, Austin Stafford and maybe even strong safety Larry Asante will compete for the outside spots.

Hey, when in doubt just list everybody. It's fair because at this point no one knows, not even the Nebraska defensive coaches.

And then under "Players Who Could Emerge":

Nebraska TB Marlon Lucky: Some would argue Lucky emerged last season, when he rushed for 1,000 yards. But only 387 yards were gained in the second half of the season. Lucky may really break out in a new offense.

Only 387 yards were gained in the second half of the season largely because our buddy Billy C decided that he'd just throw the ball all over the place and to hell with the running game. Lucky ended up with a great season receiving.  

Notice the 'new offense' reference? It's true. Nebraska will have a new offense. It will be everything. It'll be a West Coast Spread Power Option Offense". Maybe we should come up with our own name for it, other than "Multiple". That'd be fun, wouldn't it?