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Corn Nation Wins the College Football Blogger "The Job" Award

Corn Nation was announced today as the winner of the College Football Blogger "The Job" Award, described succinctly by EDSBS as "given to the website that, when served a shit souffle this year, cracked out the silverware without hesitation and did so with as much dignity and charm as possible."

The Official Rep of 2007 Husker football

The runner up was fellow SB Nation Louisville blogger Card Chronicle.

Basically we've won the CFBA turd award. Bloggers voted CN as the best "Mr Hanky" of the college football blogosphere. Dignified and charming, but at it's heart still a turd. Hip Hip Hooray for us.

It'd be one thing if we were used to losing or even content with mediocrity. Maybe if there was one inkling that a complete collapse was coming it would have been easier to take.

I am glad that I have Corn Nation as an outlet. Without this place someone might have gotten injured or I'd have descended into alcoholism as Husker Mike and I (along with every Husker fan) endured countless hours of historically crappy defense and a coach so enamored with his own offense that he wouldn't run the ball to shorten the agony.

Thanks for all the support from my fellow bloggers, I think. I look forward to never winning nor being eligble for this award again. I also look forward to presenting it to a Notre Dame blog next season.

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