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Corn Flakes - Formerly Known As "Morning Coffee"

Yea, I'm changing the name of this piece. Everyone and their dog does "Morning Coffee" and the name "Corn Flakes" implies I can get by with just about anything. :)

Was there anyone more jacked around then Major Culbert in the last couple of years? Perhaps under Pelini, Culbert can find a stable environment on the defense and start building expertise, and a potential career.

Stewart Bradley, starting linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles. There were plenty who never thought Bradley would play in the NFL, let alone be a starter. So much for the doubters.

Brandon at Hi-Plains Drifter asks you to name the Nebraska offense. I was going to do a similar bit but most of the names started with "Corn", like "Cornucopia", "Corn Spread", "Corn Dread". Husker Mike chimes in with his comments as well.

I agree with Brandon, though. "Nebraska Offense" sounds.... well, like something that'll you'll never see on a T-Shirt. Huskerpedia will probably put one out this week, though, because they seem willing to sell anything, cheesy or not.

We have a gob of quarterbacks. Hope they can play.

Big Red Network brings us an article regarding the defensive technique of 'tagging off', which may or may not be what you think it is.

Did you know that a desire for masculinity is now a mental disorder? Neither did I. What isn't these days? And can't we just all be comfortable with the idea that we're all disordered in some way?

Gotta get going. It's time for breakfast.