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Morning Coffee Catches Up

Connie Yori's squad put on a good fight against top seed Maryland, but didn't have enough as the Terrapins pulled away in the end 76-64.

This isn't the men's tourney, where everything is played at neutral sites. Home court advantage and preference to higher-ranking "name" teams get more calls going their way than a NBA All-Star. There's a reason as to why it's damned hard to break the power of the monarchy that rules women's basketball.

Given that the Husker women have only one senior, Danielle Page the future looks good for Yori's program. With their first NCAA win in 10 years the squad is taking the steps toward being on top.

The Nebraska baseball team beat up on Northern Colorado yesterday 10-0. Dan Jennings pitched six while Bryce Nimmo and Cody Neer combined for four hits and five RBI's.

Does six games against Northern Colorado seem like a lot to anyone else?

For the second week in a row, a Cornhusker was named Big 12 player of the week, as Nick Sullivan gets it this week for having a .444 batting average, a homer, nine RBIs and four runs. These came against Arkansas and Oklahoma, two very good teams. The previous Big 12 Player of the week was Craig Corriston.

I know that spring football has started and we're all starving for information, but we have a huge series in baseball coming up this weekend. You do want to beat Texas, don't you?

While CN has been busy covering other Husker sports, the guys at BRN have been pumping out some pretty decent articles about Husker football lately. Go read their stuff and then ask yourselves if they aren't a site you're going to visit more often this coming season.

Not to be outdone, Husker Mike gives a good summation as to why the coaching staff under Bill Callahan was a clusterfool (cleaned up for the TV version). Maybe that's how we can refer to him from now him - "Clusterfool Bill".

Did you know if you did a google for 'clusterfool', that nothing comes up? How does that happen? That drought is over.

And then Brandon at Hi-Plains Drifter does a review of Husker stuff found in SI's "Vault". I'd spent some time in there myself. What a damned good idea by SI. There's a lot in there. Summer is coming, and now I know what I'll be doing in July.

Bo Pelini has banned the players from going to the bars. Damn. At first look, it sounds pretty tough. Be a college student, don't go to bars. But after I think about it, it begs the question:

Would Micah Heibel have been able to keep singing in the band under Bo Pelini?