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Husker Basketball: Aleks Maric - Thanks For the Career

Aleks Maric' Husker career came to an end with last night's 85-75 overtime loss to Ole Miss. Fitting that he finished with another double-double. I was fairly critical of Maric early in the season, but the guy came on strong as the season continued as the basketball team as a whole got a lot better.

I'd like to thank Maric for returning to the Husker basketball team when he just as easily could have left as Doc Sadler arrived on the scene. We wouldn't have been near the team without him. There's not a better compliment  you can get than to have people worried about how to replace you after you've left, and successfully replacing Aleks Maric will be a big key to success next season. It won't be an easy task for Doc Sadler.

Maric has the stats that'll stand at Nebraska for a long time. I don't have any insight as to whether he can make it in the NBA or another pro league because I pay absolutely no attention to professional basketball. I wish him all the best wherever his career takes him.