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Nebraska NIT Win - Will This Make Us A Basketball School?

Nice win over Charlotte last night in the NIT tourney, 66-48. Not many will notice as the Big Dance starts today, but it was a great game to watch. Doc Sadler has turned the Cornhuskers into something reminiscent of Tom Osborne's football teams. Play hard, play tough defense, wear the other team down and win the game at the end.

Sadlers' philosophy should keep us in any game we play provided his teams continue to execute. With Sadler's temperament that doesn't appear it will be a problem.

Husker fans are happy to see the post-season, this season at least. Keep the team practicing, and keep Aleks Maric around for as long as possible. Last night he became only the second player in Nebraska basketball history to reach 1,000 rebounds. He's only the fifth player in the Big 12 to accomplish that feat. He could set another record in the second-round NIT game as he's only 10 rebounds behind single-season record holder Venson Hamilton at 325.

As I said before, most of this will go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, the basketball team's relative success and the football team's demise isn't lost on everyone. This morning as I was working at my customer site in Wisconsin, a colleague noted Nebraska's NIT win, turned to me and stated:

"So, do you think now Nebraska will consider itself a basketball school?"

He had a nice big grin on his face. I could only grin back, but as I did I was saying a silent prayer that Bo Pelini is the answer, that Doc Sadler finds a big guy to replace Aleks Maric and that I'll be back at this site again this time next year.