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NIT Tourney: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Charlotte 49ers

Opponent: Charlotte 49ers 20-6 (6-5)

Date: March 19, 2008 | 3 p.m.

Listen:Huskers Sports Network

TV: ESPN Classic

Arena: Bob Devaney Sports Center (13,595)

  • Offense: Charlotte averaged 70.2 ppg - Huskers 66.8

  • Defense: Charlotte allowed 67.4 ppg - Huskers 60.3

That gives Nebraska a slight edge, but all the stats can't tell you about the NIT tourney. The NIT is all about emotion - does a team feel slighted if they felt they deserved a ticket to the Big Dance? If they did, will they play like a bunch of spoiled kids? Or play with a chip on their shoulder?

Nebraska is a team still in the building process. The NIT isn't the top, but it is a chance for the Huskers to continue playing basketball, keep Aleks Maric around for as long as possible, and maybe a chance to prove they've come quite a ways since the beginning of the season.

The game against Charlotte will pit their outside shooting against our inside penetration and Aleks Maric. It should be fun to watch (and I hope I get to watch it, as I'm currently doing upgrades at a site).

We should win this game. Hey, maybe we should win the NIT. It'd be a nice send-off for Maric. Why not?

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