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Nebraska Loses to Kansas, Screwed By Refs

Nobody expected Nebraska to stand a chance against Kansas tonight, but we played a hard fought game and ended up with a 64-54 loss.

Nebraska lead at the half, 27-22. We'd hit 50% of our three-point attempts, 6-12, we'd stayed about even on rebounding, down 12-14, and had fewer turnovers 7-12.

Free throws were close, Nebraska 1-3 and Kansas 3-6. For the game, the Cornhuskers ended up shooting 10 free throws to the Jayhawk's 31 - a second-half deficit of 25-7.

Doc Sadler picked up a technical after a non-call when Paul Velander was knocked down without a foul call on a three-point attempt. Good for Sadler, defending his guy.

It's one thing to know that Kansas has a much better basketball team than we do. It's another for the game to be handed to them by a bunch of striped boobs. I'm normally a Jayhawks fan during basketball season, although I'll confess that's died somewhat since Roy Williams left and Bill Self came to Lawrence.

No one will say much about it because the Jayhawks are supposed to win these types of games. Fact is, they had to fight for it until the end and even then they had to have it handed to them.

The consolation will come when Kansas tanks in the NCAA tourney because they don't have a heart enough to win it.