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Big 12 Pitching Stats of As March 12, 2008

Overall Team Pitching Stats - Updated as of March 12th. Added SOS column is strength of schedule as taken from Boyd's World - Iterative Strength Ratings.


  • Impressive is that the Huskers are leading in hits and runs while having played the 13th toughest schedule to date.
  • I thought Nebraska's schedule was tough until I looked at Missouri and Oklahoma State.
  • Texas A&M is kicking some butt in the strike out area. This early in the season, there isn't a lot of separation in the stats, with the exception of the number of K's thrown by Aggie pitchers.

Top Individual Big 12 Pitching Stats, Updated As of March 12th, 2008

  • Not a surprise to see Johnny Dorn on this list, but the surprise is Husker newcomer Aaron Pribanic.
  • I'll leave all y'all to comment on the rest of the stats. If you're paying attention to your Big 12 team, I'd like to hear your comments. Trying to get the formatting down on these is kicking my butt a little. :)