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Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review- March 10th, 2008

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Getting this out a day later than I'd like, but weather pushed a lot of series back a day. Lots of four-game series being played due to the condensed schedule this season. It'll be interesting to see whether or not the season start date is changed next season. Not a lot of great match ups this week, with a lot of teams feasting on twinkies. In the big series of the week, Stanford travelled to Austin and took a series from the Longhorns.
The first release of the RPI's are available from Boyd's World today. Oklahoma State has the highest Big 12 RPI at 7, followed by Nebraska at 20. The next Big 12 team is Mizzou at 45.

Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review

Overall Big 12 win-loss records are updated on the right sidebar. Win-loss for the week is included below.

Big 12 Rankings this Week
National Collegiate Baseball Writers, March 10, 2008 - Texas, 10th; Baylor 12th; Missouri, 14th; Texas A&M, 23rd; Oklahoma State, 25th
Baseball America Top 25, March 10, 2008 - Missouri, 4th; Baylor, 10th; Texas, 19th; Oklahoma State, 23rd
Collegiate Baseball Top 25, March 10, 2008 - Baylor, 9th; Texas, 15th,; Missouri, 17th; Texas A&M, 24th; Oklahoma, 25th, Oklahoma State, 28th

If I refer to rankings below, I'll be using Baseball America's ranking.

Baylor 4-1 Tue., Mar. 4 Louisiana Tech 9, Baylor 6
Wed., Mar. 5 Baylor 7, Louisiana Tech 6
Sun., Mar. 9 Baylor 5, Mississippi State 4
Sun., Mar. 9 Baylor 16, Mississippi State 11
Mon., Mar. 10 Baylor 6, Mississippi State 3

A big week for Baylor as head coach Steve Smith picked up his 500th win. Baylor finally lost a game this week to La-Tech (RPI:56). They swept Miss. State (RPI: 172) over the weekend, finishing the series today. Nice win on the road for them. They're off to their best start since 1984. As a reward, they've jumped to tenth in the BA poll.

Kansas 4-0 Wed., Mar. 5 Kansas 13, Lemoyne 2
Sat., Mar. 8 Kansas 4, North Dakota State 3 (10)
Sun., Mar. 9 Kansas 13, North Dakota State 0
Sun., Mar. 9 Kansas 11, North Dakota State 9

Kansas needed something good to happen this week and that something good was a sweep over NDSU (RPI:241). The Jayhawks finally got their offense going - pounding out 41 hits over four games. Kansas has put together a six-game win streak.
Kansas gets non-Division I Tabor College and Missouri State (RPI:48) before heading to Texas to take on the Longhorns.

Kansas State 3-3 Tue., Mar. 4 Texas-San Antonio 5, Kansas State 4
Wed., Mar. 5 Texas-San Antonio 9, Kansas State 8
Sat., Mar. 8 Lemoyne 8, Kansas State 3
Sat., Mar. 8 Kansas State 11, Lemoyne 10
Sun., Mar. 9 Kansas State 10, Lemoyne 1
Sun., Mar. 9 Kansas State 4, LeMoyne 3

A mixed week for Kansas State. They lose two to UTSA (RPI: 131) and then go 3-1 against LeMoyne (RPI:209). The Wildcats are last in the Big 12 in team batting average at .232 (as of Sunday).
K-State plays a single game mid-week against Washington State, then welcome the Huskers to Manhattan for the Big 12 opener.

Missouri 3-0 Sat., Mar. 8 Missouri 5, Indiana State 1
Sun., Mar. 9 Missouri 9, Indiana State 8
Sun., Mar. 9 Missouri 6, Indiana State 2

Missouri swept Indiana State (RPI: 160) this past weekend. Indiana State is 1-8 on the year, their only win coming against South Florida.
Next week Missouri gets Toledo (RPI:59) at home for a series, and then starts Big 12 play the week after next.

Nebraska 5-0 Tue., Mar. 4 Nebraska 11, Nebraska-Kearney 2
Sat., Mar. 8 Nebraska 12, Northern Colorado 2
Sun., Mar. 9 Nebraska 3, Northern Colorado 2
Sun., Mar. 9 Nebraska 8, Northern Colorado 5
Mon., Mar. 10 Nebraska 7, Northern Colorado 0

Another good week for Nebraska sweeping Northern Colorado (RPI:69). The offense isn't exceptional, but the pitching has been better than expected. Newcomer Aaron Pribanic threw a complete game Monday, and the Huskers have put together a nine-game winning streak.
The Cornhuskers get South Dakota State for a mid-week game, then travel to Manhattan next weekend to start Big 12 play.

Oklahoma 6-0 Oklahoma 13, North Dakota State 0 Oklahoma 9, North Dakota State 3 (7)
Fri., Mar. 7 Oklahoma 12, Western Illinois 2
Sat., Mar. 8 Oklahoma 11, Western Illinois 6
Sat., Mar. 8 Oklahoma 7, Western Illinois 4
Sun., Mar. 9 Oklahoma 7, Western Illinois 4

Oklahoma had a heavy helping of candy this week, sweeping NDSU (RPI: 241) and Western Illinois (RPI: 277). They get some wins, they get some games in, these don't help OU's RPI, which is at 152.
More candy on the way as the Sooners meeting Northern Illinois (RPI:237) mid-week. Then they play Washington State (RPI:62) for a series next weekend.

Oklahoma State 2-2 Thu., Mar. 6 San Diego State Tournament - Oklahoma State 3, Loyola Marymount 2
Fri., Mar. 7 San Diego State Tournament - San Diego 7, Oklahoma State 2
Sat., Mar. 8 San Diego State Tournament - Oklahoma State 9, Santa Clara 5
Sun., Mar. 9 San Diego State Tournament - San Diego State 12, Oklahoma State 4

Oklahoma State used six pitchers and gave up 18 hits against San Diego (RPI:65) in their final tournament game. They're ranked third in conference in team batting average at .308, but sixth in pitching.
The Cowboys get Missouri state mid-week, then head to Baylor for an excellent early season Big 12 match up.

Texas 4-1 Tue., Mar. 4 Texas 16, Texas A&M Corpus Christi 7
Wed., Mar. 5 Texas 22, Texas A&M Corpus Christi 3
Fri., Mar. 7 Texas 5, Stanford 2
Sat., Mar. 8 Stanford 6, Texas 5
Sun., Mar. 9 Stanford 12, Texas 9

Texas proves they can destroy the bitty schools, hammering TAMU-CC (RPI: 188) 38-10 in two games. Then the Pac-10 comes to town and the Longhorns lose a series to Stanford (RPI:2). The Longhorns are last in the Big 12 in fielding. In the last game of the Stanford series, Texas scored eight runs in the final four innings, but hit into six double plays, two of those with the bases loaded. Bad luck or something else?
Texas heads to rival Rice (RPI:27) mid-week, then Kansas visits Austin next weekend for the start of Big 12 play.

Texas A&M 4-1 Tue., Mar. 4 Texas A&M 5, Nicholls State 1
Wed., Mar. 5 Texas A&M 14, Nicholls State 3
Fri., Mar. 7 Rutgers 10, Texas A&M 8
Sat., Mar. 8 Texas A&M 2, Rutgers 1
Sun., Mar. 9 Texas A&M 12, Rutgers 3

Decent output for the Aggies this past week, taking a series from a decent Rutgers (RPI:39) team. In the rubber match, Aggies Luke Anders had four hits and five RBI's, but that wasn't good enough to win him player of the week.
The Aggies play a two-game series with Centenary (RPI:154) mid-week, and the start Big 12 play off with Texas Tech in College Station.

Texas Tech 4-1 Tue., Mar. 4 Texas Tech 15, Central Arkansas 6
Wed., Mar. 5 Texas Tech 8, Central Arkansas 3
Sat., Mar. 8 Texas Tech 11, Northern Illinois 5
Sat., Mar. 8 Texas State 14, Texas Tech 3
Sun., Mar. 9 Texas Tech 8, Northern Illinois 5

Tech was supposed to play a four-game series against Illinois, but weather in Chicago kept Illinois from making the trip. Instead, Tech travelled to San Marcos, playing Northern Illinois (RPI:237) and Texas State (RPI:81). Texas Tech stands at 7-6 and with an RPI of 105.