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Morning Coffee Salutes Celebrity Worship.. er... Signing Day 2008

Signing Day 2008 is upon us! The drama unfolds as the indecision ends. Mostly. Except if you're the most sought after quarterback since the last most sought after quarterback.

No doubt Terrelle Pryor will choose Michigan, thus acquiring the hatred of Nitt and Buckeye fans and assuring himself that he'll be next year's Jimmy Clausen.

If you're staying home or taking time from work to watch the progress, your girlfriend, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family need to kick your ass the next time you complain about their fascination with Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, or any other celebrity over which they fawn.

Husker Extra has recruiting coverage for you, including a wonderful start page showing the pictures of all the Husker recruits. Wonderful start page, mean-looking Will Compton only matched by the serial-killer looking face of Tyson Hetzer.

Then you have the Nebraska page clearly showing who's committed, who hasn't.

We clearly don't have as many stars as other programs at the top. Is that bad?

Not about signing day, but the NCAA Josh Centor will be live-blogging during a mock basketball tourney selection process.

It's a chance for basketball fans to ask questions about the process. If you're interested, head to the NCAA blog Double A Zone.