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Patriots Versus Giants - Super Bowl Comments

I didn't watch the previews, analysis, anything. Instead, I watched the Nebraska women beat Mizzou as they finally woke up and started playing good basketball with a little over five minutes left in the game. As that game ended it was time for the Super Bowl. Great timing.

  • Wow. Just wow, finally a great Super Bowl. Earlier in the week, Plaxico Burress guaranteed a Giants win, even calling the score at 23-17. He was hammered in the press as no one expected the Pats to be held to that low a total.
  • Commercials. What does it say about us that we worry about the commercial during the biggest football game of the year? For once, who the hell cared about the commercials? They were secondary to a great game. My kids cheered whenever the terminator destroyed the Fox robot. Maybe it's time for Fox to get a new robot ?
  • Compare the Super Bowl with the marquee games in college football this season. The most glaring difference is that the playoffs featured a lot of damned good defense, that being especially true in the Super Bowl. If we learned nothing else it should be that what having a great defensive line can do for a defense.
  • I decided before the game that there was something in it for me if either team won. If the Giants won, the evil Patriot empire (redundant?) would be stopped, Randy Moss wouldn't get a Super Bowl ring, and Tom Brady wouldn't get another one. Former Husker Andrew Shanle would get a ring with the Giants. That doesn't suck.

If the Patriots won, I wouldn't have to hear about the 1972 Dolphins team being the only team ever to go undefeated and Junior Seau and former Nebraska lineman Ross Hochstein would get Super Bowl rings.

From what I saw, Hochstein didn't have a good game. He replaced injured Patriot right guard Stephen Neal in the second quarter. He gave up a sack late in the to Giants' rookie Alford, and I believe he got called for a holding penalty on a kick return. On the other hand, the Pats offensive line had a helluva time handling the Giants defensive line as Tom Brady was harassed all night. If you like line play, it was a beautiful game to watch.

  • Alas, football season is over. It seems like an awfully long way to the next one.