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Nebraska's Doc Sadler Making It Easy to Love Husker Basketball

The 0-4 Big 12 conference start to the men's basketball season didn't look very impressive. Even though there were two losses to Kansas, you had to wonder what was happening. Factor in a loss to Colorado in that mix and you were wondering if this team was going to win five games in conference.

CN Is Loving This Coach

Now suddenly the men's basketball team has hit it's stride. Two wins over ranked Kansas State and on the road against Texas A&M. Then comes a dominating 64-45 effort against a decent Oklahoma team which could only score 12 points in the first half, tying a Devaney Center record for the lowest points in a half. In the second half, Nebraska scored on 14 of 16 possessions. The Huskers finished the game with eight turnovers and out rebounded the Sooners 33-25. Aleks Maric had another double-double with 16 points and eleven rebounds. Steve Harley finished as the Huskers high scorer with 17.

This result without starting point guard Cookie Miller, who's out with a sprained shoulder.

The Huskers are tied at sixth in the Big 12 with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech, two teams over which they own a tie-breaker. The Cornhuskers travel to Stillwater, OK this Saturday to face a Cowboy team that's won four in a row, three of those coming against Baylor, Texas A&M and Kansas.

It's a big game this Saturday. A win would put Nebraska at .500 in the Big 12. After that, Nebraska plays at Texas - a game they're most likely to lose, and Colorado - a game they're most likely to win. A loss at Okie State puts pressure on the Huskers to win the last two to remain at .500. Given the way that Texas is playing as of late, a very tall order.

When it comes to Husker basketball I won't make many apologies for being a bandwagon jumper. I want a basketball team that wins at least 20 games and year and that I can be proud of. With some luck we may get there this season, but if playing your guts out and tough defense are the trademarks of a Doc Sadler team, enjoying Husker basketball will be that much easier. I hope he sticks around for a long time.