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Morning Coffee Doesn't Care About the Hotel Tax Rate

It's nearly March. Given this winter, that's a good thing. I've always thought that you shouldn't wish your life away hoping the future comes quickly, but good grief, I just wish it would warm up.

I've been meaning to write something about the Omaha stadium situation, but Husker Mike has been covering this very well at his own blog. It's fairly certain that Omaha will be building a new downtown stadium and I think that's a good thing.

I don't travel a lot for my regular job, but when I do it happens in spurts. Obviously I stay in hotels and sometimes rent cars. I can honestly say that I rarely look at the amount of hotel or rental car tax when I do* I look at the overall cost, so if you're an Omaha resident and are worried about the increase in the hotel tax, give me a break. If the cost is lower than most places other places that are comparable, you'll be fine.

Mike writes that it's a great opportunity for Omaha and it is. When I travel I frequently run into clients or vendors who are college baseball fans, quite a few that attend the CWS on a yearly basis. They rave about how well Omaha does with the event and I can only imagine that this will make it a better experience in the long run.

One more thing - with the rising popularity of college baseball and new parks being built around the nation, the CWS is going corporate just like football and basketball. I don't particularly care for it either, but you can stand in front of that train or get on it.

Jeffie Husker over at DXP does a very good analysis on the Husker 2007 offense as it relates to third down conversions . I'm not going to summarize, please support DXP and read the article and then you can understand my statement below.

The reason Husker fans would applaud a coach who wanted to run more on third and short is simple. It is still within the Nebraska psyche that a good offensive football team can destroy another team's defense on the ground especially in those situations. That doesn't necessarily point to pure power football, but on third and short

In terms of being an offensive lineman, you want to prove to the guy across from you that you own him and you want your coach to have faith that you can destroy him. Hence the comment by former offensive line coach Kevin Wagner:

In particular, Callahan's short-yardage play-calling didn't always sit well with Wagner.

"I want to hit somebody in the mouth before I sit off and protect with my hands," he said.

Bill Callahan has a commission? I did not know that, did you? The Callahan commission is hard at work getting the word out to today's youth about the West Coast Offense:

The survey results, released Tuesday, demonstrate that a significant proportion of young players live in "stunning ignorance" of history and strategy, said the Callahan Commission, which describes itself as a new research and advocacy organization that will press for more teaching of the West Coast offense in high schools.

Carl Nicks' performance at the NFL combine has his stock rising.   I keep meaning to get something meaningful out about the combine, but I believe I'll focus on the draft instead. Two different issues? You betcha!

The cost of Husker football tickets isn't going up this year. It makes sense that you don't charge more for a crappy product. It makes sense because your contracts didn't go up like they did under Pederson, and it makes sense because we have eight homes games this season that will bring in around $28 million.
Nice to see things making sense in Nebraska, unlike Minnesota, where the Democrats and some traitor Republicans overrode a governor veto and approved a new gas tax. Great timing as we're heading into recession, gas may hit $4 a gallon this summer, higher energy costs are driving inflation,  and people are having problems keeping their homes. Bloody geniuses these guys.