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Morning Coffee Brings You Jerry Murtaugh on Bob Devaney

Some New York Jets fans think that Bill Callahan is a great hire. Maybe so, especially since they probably don't have to hear him talk at many press conferences.

Husker Extra gives you the run down on how several Huskers did at the NFL combine. We'll have more on this later as we examine where these guys might fit with NFL teams.

In the Bleachers has you covered on spring dates for the Big 12.

Cookie Miller's injury is a 'severe' sprain, instead of a dislocated shoulder. We'll have more on this later today.

Men's basketball - we're currently at 7-9 in conference. We have four games left - with Pomeroy's predictive percentage to the right:

  • Oklahoma: 67%
  • At Oklahoma State: 41%
  • At Texas: 15%
  • Colorado: 89%

In order to finish at .500, we must win three out of four. Given we just knocked off two ranked teams in a row, anything is possible with the exception of beating Texas in Austin as they are on a tear. Still, three out of four doesn't seem like it's too far-fetched.

You could look back at the missed opportunities, the sweep by Iowa State, the loss to Colorado, the two-point loss to Baylor at home - we'd be in pretty good position if we'd have won those games. Easy to say, though isn't it? I guess the bottom line is that Doc Sadler is showing progress. I'm all for that.

And to make your Tuesday a little better, Jerry Murtaugh tells some great stories about his times playing for Bob Devaney. Great Stuff. Enjoy.