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Michael Beasley Goes for 50 - NOT!

The Huskers play a nice game of roundball, winning a close game against Kansas State Wildcats 71-64. Aleks Maric, with his parents in the crowd, played a tough game, ending up with 15 points and 17 rebounds. Steve Harley added 20, making 9 of 12. Ryan Anderson added 11.

Near the end of the game, ESPN showed a pregame clip of Michael Beasley saying that he "might go for 50" against the Huskers. "No, seriously."

Beasley destroyed the Cornhuskers in their first meeting of the season, scoring 10 points in the first 81 seconds of the game, and going for 35. Last night he scored five points in the first half, a long way from the 50 he was going for. Beasley finished with 17 points, eight of which were scored at the end of the game.

It was great to watch. The Huskers crashed the offensive boards like they belonged there, they out-hustled the Wildcats. Steve Harley was a beauty to watch, repeatedly driving the baseline and driving the Wildcats crazy defensively.

Had K-State won the game, they would have been tied for first in the Big 12 with Kansas and Texas, but they didn't so they're not. They fall to third.

Great to finally get a big win on national TV. ESPN had some nice things to say about Sadler and the Nebraska program which also doesn't hurt in terms of recruiting the types of players who want to come play for Sadler. It's clear that building a decent basketball program is a long-term project. If last night's game is a glimpse of what we can get out of our future with Doc Sadler, I'm for letting him take as long as he wants.

[Update - And Here's the Youtube]