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Cornhuskers Handle Texas Tech - Things Look Brighter for Men's Basketball

The Huskers picked up a nice win at home as they handled the Texas Tech Red Raiders 73-62.

Aleks Maric did well, with another double-double, 22 points, and 14 rebounds - the kind of game we need from Maric to be successful. Ryan Anderson pulled out a big game with 19 points as Steve Harley added 12. The Cornhuskers had a 21-2 run and scored 40 points in the first half, while shooting 56.5 from the field and 10-11 free throws. That's the Husker offense we've been looking for, and if they can keep that level of play something good may come out of this season.

Right now, there's a logjam at sixth place in conference, with Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas Tech at 3-5, while Missouri and Iowa State have dropped to 3-6. The Huskers have won the last three of four Big 12 games. The upcoming schedule:  

  • Mizzou
  • @Iowa State
  • Kansas State
  • @Texas A&M
  • Oklahoma
  • @ Oklahoma State
  • @ Texas
  • Colorado

Let's say we win our home games and pick up road wins at Iowa State and Oklahoma State. That puts us at 6-2 for the reason of the season and a 9-7 season, a stretch to get into the NCAA, but highly probably for the NIT which wouldn't be bad considering we started at 0-4 in the Big 12.

Sound improbable? Maybe a little, but Pomeroy's predictions have us going 5-3 over the next eight games. That's a .500 record in conference at 8-8, and pretty decent progress. The offense has to keep cranking, though.