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Husker Football: A Realistic Look

Matt, the Sunday Morning Quarterback, is at it again. He gives us a rundown of what's happened over the past few years, along with a look at the future.  

The 'N' on the helmet guarantees a lot of pomp, ambition and attention, but it's really just another team at this point.

Sad but true.
Last year, we all drank the Bill Callahan kool-aid. Let's not make the same mistake again this coming season.
Bo Pelini has come out with his "win now" statement and as we get closer to the 2008 season, no doubt the rhetoric will get thicker. We'll start figuring out how many games we should win, what bowl we should be in, and how we'll win the Big 12 North. We'll be right back where we were one year ago - wearing those scarlet-colored glasses.
Those things are inevitable. It's why we're here, isn't it?
Unfortunately, the return of Tom Osborne and hiring of Bo Pelini don't guarantee success. Nor does tradition.
Still, the anticipation is probably going to kill some of us, eh?