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Corn Nation 2008 College Pick 'Em Winners

The final weekly winner, rebeltime finished in first place for the week, with a 8-1 record. Rebeltime, please contact me, I'll see if i can still get you your choice of a free copy of Gary Andrew Poole's excellent book about The Galloping Ghost - Red Grange or one of the prizes from Asgard Press.

The overall winner fo the 2008 College Pick 'Em is Grayhound, who amassed a 172-52 record. The top five are listed below:

1st  Grayhound
2nd  famethrowa

Grayhound wins a Bo Pelini-autographed football as the 2008 Grand Prize!

Thanks all for participating in this year's Pick 'Em.

CN will be running a Bowl Game Pick 'Em, which you may now join. The Bowl Game Pick 'Em is not weighted, but you will be picking against the spread. The tie breaker is the score of the national title game because Oklahoma and Florida on January 8th.

I don't think I'll give away prizes on this one, unless a sponsor comes through.