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2008 BCS And Big 12 Bowl Selections: Big 12 Should Fare Well

The BCS and bowl selections are in. Given the match ups the Big 12 shouldn't lose many games.

BCS Bowls

National Championship: Oklahoma vs. Florida
Oklahoma has lost four BCS bowls in a row, but they come into this game with one of the most prolific offenses in college football history. Oklahoma hasn't faced a quarterback like Tim Tebow, but I'd favor the Sooners defense over the Gators offense.

Fiesta: Texas vs. Ohio State
Texas is going to take out their anger on an Ohio State squad who's had horrible showings in recent big non-conference games.

Sugar: Alabama vs. Utah
Utah gets their shot to show what they can do against the former #1 team. Alabama should be favored, but don't count Utah out.

Orange: Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech
Another interesting match up. Tyrod Taylor showed what he can do in the ACC Championship game against Boston College.

Rose: Penn State vs. USC
Penn State gets the Rose, USC gets a home game. This one is about emotions - can USC get up for the game?

Big 12 Bowls

Cotton Bowl: Texas Tech vs  Ole Miss
Texas Tech should destroy Ole Miss.

Alamo Bowl: Missouri vs. Northwestern
On paper, Missouri should beat Northwestern like a red-headed stepchild, but the key to this game will be whether or not Mizzou can get over how the season ended. If they continue to play without confidence, Northwestern will win this easily.

Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon
The Holiday bowl has that history of wild endings. I have to believe this match up will lead to another one, but Oklahoma State should prevail.

Gator Bowl: Nebraska vs Clemson
Obviously this one will be covered heavily over the next three weeks. It will be a game of Nebraska's offense versus Clemson's defense. Given that Clemson has a new defensive coordinator, initial advantage favors the Huskers.

Insight: Kansas vs Minnesota
Minnesota lost their last five games of the season, the last to Iowa 55-0. Conversely, Kansas beat rival Missouri in a game where few thought the Jayhawks had a chance. Kansas should roll.

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