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Keys to the Game: Clemson

Ah New Year’s Day. A fine day to nurse a hangover with some skull-cracking action and what better team to watch then our own scarlet and cream? An interesting match up is presented in the Clemson Tigers as with a combination of talent, speed and a somewhat soft schedule, no one really knows what to expect from the orange-clad warriors from South Carolina. Still, Nebraska knows what they can do and with that in mind, get out the keys and let’s get a jinglin’.

1.) Protect Ganz with Your Life – Joe Ganz can carve a defense up like a holiday ham when he has time, but if he’s pressured as we’ve seen, he thinks too much. He needs to have those 3-5 seconds very badly otherwise Clemson has already put a huge dent in the Huskers’ gameplan. If Ganz stays on his feet, his usual 300+ yards and 2 TDs look probable.

2.) Use Marlon like Never Before – The debate will rage long past his graduation, but Marlon Lucky is going to be crucial in the Gator Bowl. I would heavily anticipate seeing some of the more unique formations such as the Wildcat and even formations we’ve not seen yet. Roy Helu and Marlon Lucky on the field at the same time is still a dangerous combination and Clemson knows it.

3.) Contain Spiller & Davis – Easier said than done, that’s given, but I would be very content in forcing Clemson to go one dimensional even if it’s to the air with a suspect secondary. Larry Asante could have the game of his career for all we know (and let’s pray).

In Summary: Between the Ducky Formation, the WildHusker and anything else Shawn Watson can throw at Clemson, I think if we get to 30, we win, but part of me thinks that this could be Michigan State ’03 II. Then again Clemson doesn’t play in the Big 10. I’ll take beating one ACC team in a bowl game for losing to one earlier in the year. Let’s see what Bo & Co. can do with a month’s worth of prep.