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Gator Bowl, Clemson On Hold: Open Thread On Rampant Speculation

If you're looking for a Nebraska bowl announcement, you'll be waiting until at least after the Big 12 Championship game.

If you remember a few years ago, Kansas State was upset by Texas A&M in the Big 12 title game, which caused the poor Wildcats to fall all the way down to the Alamo Bowl, where they lost to Purdue because of their shattered psyche.

This caused the Big 12 to (wisely) hold off on bowl assignments until after the Big 12 title has been settled to keep the same thing from happening.

I expect everyone is giving Missouri no chance against Oklahoma. I'm feeling the same way, but strange things are always occuring in college football. Therefore, it's best to wait and see what happens. At least that's been my general thought about the bowl game. It'll get here, just relax.

But it occurs to me that college football wouldn't exist without rampant and unwarranted speculation, so I thought.... what the heck. It looks like we're going to play Clemson in the Gator Bowl. That could change tomorrow.

We have a few days to burn, so let this be your rampant speculation thread about the possibilities (or not) of playing Clemson. Or Florida State for that matter.

Once the announcement is made we'll have plenty of time to discover more about Clemson. Speculation is all about the unknown. Have at it.