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Corn Nation 2008 College Pick 'Em Update - It's About Time, Eh?

I haven’t done an update in a few weeks, so there’s lots of catching up to do.

In Week 12, Wolverine finished in first place for the week, with a 15-1 record and 132 points.

In Week 13, imh5306 finished in first place for the week at 11-4, and 104 points.

In Week 14, last week, zoomerjoe finished in first place at 10-2 and 71 points.

Here are our current top five leaders going into the last week of the contest:

1st  Grayhound
2nd  Tombstone

I'm running out of prizes, but if Wolverine, imh5306, or zoomerjoe wish to contact me, I'll see if i can still get you your choice of a free copy of Gary Andrew Poole's excellent book about The Galloping Ghost - Red Grange or one of the prizes from Asgard Press.

Good luck to you guys into the last week of the season.

(There is a bowl game contest a brewin' on the horizon. I have not yet 100% decided whether or not to run one of these. If you're interested, let me know.)