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Big 12 Cob of the Week

Lordy what a week it was. Nebraska beats hated Colorado in life-sucking fashion. Mizzou chokes. Oklahoma dominates, while Texas gets screwed or depending on your perspective, gets what's coming to them!

Big 12 Cob of the Week Nominations are:

From Husker Mike:

Bo Pelini
I've watched several replays of that fake field goal, and it just keeps looking dumber and dumber. The tight end who apparently was supposed to be the intended receiver never blocked Colorado's Jimmy Smith, who then could have blown up any play at that point. Nevermind the play looked exactly like the trick play Nebraska ran three weeks prior. It turned into an easy touchdown for the Buffaloes which changed the momentum of the game.

Tank job. Choke job. Slow start. Whatever you want to call it, you took your eye off the ball in a rivalry game, and Kansas pounced on it. Then letting Kansas drive the field in the last 2 minutes of the game, including a touchdown on 4th & 7? You Pinkeled it away, and now have to share your Big XII North trophy.

From Corn Blight:

Cody Hawkins
Cody Hawkins for his impersonation of me attempting to tackle Ndamukong “My name is Suh, how do you do, now you’re gonna die!” Suh. I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching it!

The Texas Fan Base
Their players have come out and taken getting screwed by the Big 12 and BCS like men. Their fan base, not so much. Here’s my problem with Texas. They have everything. They have every advantage that could possibly be given to a NCAA school.

They a limitless number of athletes from which to choose, they have as much money as anyone else in the nation. They used their political clout to slant the rules in their favor when the Big 12 conference was formed.

Well, you Texas guys missed the tie-breaker rule. The conference where you got most of what you wanted just screwed you, and yet you blame them as if you were never in charge. Ever hear of karma? This is what the shit end of the stick feels like!