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'97 Nebraska National Title Was No GIFT to Tom Osborne

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Dennis Dodd writes a bit about how the coaches shouldn't be allowed to vote or their votes shouldn't count and they shouldn't be allowed to determine who gets millions of dollars and blah blah blah.

As I'm reading, I'm thinking that this is just another bunch of crap written by one bunch representing a subjective, skewed poll complaining about another bunch representing a subjective, skewed poll while all the while talking about how they're not biased but the other side is. As if media people can't hold grudges nor biases.

Then we get to this bit of blather:

Questionable voting is a longstanding tradition in the coaches poll. Who can forget 1997 when the coaches gave Tom Osborne a retirement gift, awarding him a national championship a month after the coach announced his retirement?

Don't buy into this "gift to Tom Osborne" bit. It's used repeatedly when media people want to complain about the coaches poll. This is proof that if you say something enough it becomes taken as fact when it's pure bullshit.

The fact is both Michigan and Nebraska were undefeated. They played comparable schedules. Michigan struggled to win their bowl game, while Nebraska annihilated Tennessee. The teams deserved to split the title because there wasn't a better way of doing things then. 

Hey, Dennis, if it was a gift from the coaches to Tom Osborne, then the other half was a gift to Michigan since they hadn't won a national title since 1948 and all y'all just wanted to sell more media crap.

I'm so bloody tired of seeing this from media people, I'll think I'll write a book about it.