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Corn Nation Bowl Pick 'Em

Just a quick reminder that we are running a Corn Nation Bowl Pick 'Em at This one will be for bragging rights only (unless I magically find a sponsor by the end of the Pick 'Em), but hey, bragging rights aren't so bad!

BTW, for those that participated, what did you think of the funofficepools site and how we did the Pick 'Em?


There are a number of other Bowl contests going on around SB Nation, including Iowa's BGHP, Penn State's Black Shoe Diaries 'College Bowl Mania, or Alligator Army's.

Hey, you can even join a bowl pick 'em game through the Clemson site, "Block C" and win a poster of Willy Korn!

You might also be interested in the In The Bleacher's Bowl Bonanza, where Mrs Corn Nation and I have competed the past couple of years. Last year's finish between us came down to who would win the national title game, LSU or Ohio State. I went with LSU, of course.

Brian at ITB is giving away the following:

1st Place: $50 Dollar Gift Card to any of the stores listed at ITB.
2nd Place: $25 Dollar Gift Card to any of the stores listed at ITB.
3rd Place: A copy of one of the following books, The USA Today College Football Encyclopedia, Sports Illustrated: The College Football Book, or The Maisel Report: College Football’s Most Overrated and Underrated Players, Coaches, Teams, and Traditions.