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Parking at the Qwest Center for NCAA Volleyball

Fans planning to come to this weekend's NCAA Volleyball Final Four at the Qwest Center Omaha might not be aware of street and parking lot changes that occurred last week in preparation for construction of the new downtown ballpark for the College World Series.

12th Street is now closed south of Cuming Street, and the old lot C is now closed.  A new lot has been added on the northeast corner of 10th & Capitol, though you need to enter this new lot from Davenport (one block to the north).

The NCAA volleyball championships are the first major events to be held at the Qwest Center since the changes occurred, and may catch fans who think they are familiar with the Qwest Center off-guard.  (Especially if you had just been to the Qwest Center for a concert, earlier volleyball games this season, or hockey...)

My suggestion is that if you are driving in along Cuming Street, head east past 10th Street and use Lot D; they've enlarged that lot quite a bit and it's usually the last lot to fill anyway.  If you are coming in from Capitol, turn north on 12th Street (at Hauff Sporting Goods) and then immediately turn right onto Davenport and use the two new lots.  Those lots will be closer to the arena and probably won't fill as fast as lot B, which used  to be the "prime" parking spot.

If the weather is bad (the current forecast indicates a possible ice storm on Thursday), consider the parking garage on 12th & Capitol.  It might be a touch longer walk, but you won't be spending time scraping windows after the match.

I've updated a Google Map to pinpoint these locations to help you plot your way.  Hopefully it saves you a few minutes of frustration if you are attending the game...and hopefully gets you into the arena in plenty of time.