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Somehow, Huskers get smaller: Chapman transferring at Semester Break

Just when you thought the Huskers couldn't get any smaller, 6-9 F Alex Chapman, a sophomore juco transfer who has missed the entire season thus far recovering from a knee injury has decided to transfer away from NU at the semester break.

While Chapman hasn't played yet this year, he was the tallest player currently on the Huskers' roster.

Other Hoops notes:

  • Corn Nation readers aren't the only ones concerned about the Huskers' Offense: Doc expressed his concerns at the Big XII Conference Call this week.
  • Still no word on 7-1 Puerto Rican Center Jorge Diaz's TOEFL scores.  He could theoretically be eligible to play as early as this Saturday if he's been admitted (though I wouldn't expect him to play until he's had a few practices under his belt so Doc can decide whether to play or redshirt him).
  • Saturday's game has been bumped to 5 PM to accomodate fans wanting to attend both it and the 7 PM National Championship Volleyball match.