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Huskers Snag Second Texas Stud: Rex Burkhead is N

For those of you who haven’t been playing "Nebraska Recruiting: The Home Game", a little bit about Nebraska’s newest commit Rex Burkhead:

Burkhead’s running style seems to change up given the situation. In some cases he reminds me of the days of Mike Rozier in the way he seems to run with abandon that makes you wonder how he doesn’t fall down on his own and is deceptively quick. It’s that sort of speed where if everyone’s running at a blazing pace side by side they don’t necessarily look THAT fast, but Burkhead possesses speed, vision and hands which is exactly what the current trend in college football points to.

Rex can switch things up in a hurry, though and once he snags the ball on a quick dump off pass can either do damage or with a properly placed hit take it to the house. Regardless of what running style Burkhead chooses to initiate at any given time, it’s powerful and effective. I look at Burkhead as this year’s Sam McGuffie except he doesn’t jump over trash cans and will likely be far more effective when he plays as a freshman and yes I do believe he can hurdle a redshirt.

Rex’s Plano High School team managed to get to the second round of the Texas Class 5A Division I playoffs before a loss to Euless Trinity knocked Burkhead’s mindset from high school football into the next level and he’ll be playing it as a Cornhusker. This is a good thing. Don’t believe me? Burkhead rushed for 1,762 yards, snagged 42 passes for 594 yards and scored 33 touchdowns during his senior season. He’s also logged 74 all-purpose touchdowns and 4,560 rushing yards since his sophomore season to compliment his 1,155 receiving yards in that time span as well.

Have a look at what the 5’ 11" 190-pound APB can do (He’s the guy who looks really good all the time):