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Auburn Loves Chizik and his 5-19 Record

The Birmingham News and Mobile Press-Register are reporting that Auburn has selected Iowa State's Gene Chizik to replace Tommy Tuberville.

Yes...that's 5-19 Gene Chizik.

Don't get me wrong; I thought Gene Chizik was a great hire for Iowa State...but at 5-19, he's still got a lot to prove. If you told me that Gene Chizik a week ago that Chizik was leaving Iowa State, I would have assumed that he'd been fired.

Not gotten a multi-gazillion dollar contract from Auburn.

In any event, good news for Husker fans who were worried that Turner Gill might have gotten entangled in the suckage of Auburn. Turner Gill can and will get a better job than Auburn. But what does Iowa State do next?

Cyclone fans and players have to be royally p***ed right now. And they should be. Two years into a contract and Chizik bails out? That's shameful.