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Corn Flakes Is Selling Out the Gator Bowl

The Gator Bowl is nearing a sell out. Nebraska fans are doing their part:

"We look forward to a sellout," Gator Bowl president Rick Catlett told the Florida-Times Union Monday. "We think we’re going to get there rather rapidly."

It appears they already almost are. So far, reports have that Clemson and Nebraska fans have bought up about 66,000 of the 77,000 tickets by late Monday afternoon. In fact, Cornhusker fans have already bought more than 9,000 of their allotted 12,750 tickets. Athletic department officials at Nebraska say they are already on pace to surpass the number of tickets they sold for the 2006 Cotton Bowl.

There is no official word on how well Clemson is doing, but based on the early returns coming out of Jacksonville it appears Tiger fans are swooping up as many of the 13,500 they were allotted.

You can complain about the bowls being about money, but I think that's like complaining about grass being green. The reason the bowls were invented was to get people in cold places to visit warm places and spend their money, we just have too many of them now.

And hurrah for us. We travel well, we support our team, and get get into better bowl games. Maybe if other fans did the same they'd have a justifiable complaint, but they do not.

Big Red Network looks back at the 1982 Nebraska - Clemson Orange Bowl. I try to remember that game and all that comes back to me are the referees repeatedly calling Dave Rimington for things that he hadn’t been called for all season.

Go South, get screwed, just like in the ‘94 Orange Bowl.

The full story of Clemson’s new head dude Dabo Swinney, like how he got the name "Dabo", which leads to odd songs about him.

Tommie Frazier vs Tim Tebow. The Big Lead rightly recognizes Frazier as the finest college player of the past three decades. Does Tim Tebow compare to Frazier? Try as I might, I can’t dislike Tebow. He’s an incredible football player, an amazing person, a role model, he just happens to play for the Florida Gators.

Some sites are reporting Will Muschamp as the next head coach at Auburn. If it happens, good. Good that Gill doesn’t go to that Bobby Lowder-controlled hellhole, good that Texas loses a good defensive coordinator and "coach in waiting" successor to Mack Brown (as if someone’s going to knock him off soon, or what?).

I wouldn’t expect Muschamp to go back to Auburn, really. He’s been there, he left for a lateral move to Texas. You have to ask - would you leave a good thing at Texas for Auburn?