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Billy C: Soon To Be a Hillbilly?

Now that Lane Kiffin has been named head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, speculation grows about his staff. Much centers around his father, legendary defensive guru (and former Husker) Monte Kiffin returning to the college ranks to assist his son.


This much suckage could all be yours, Volunteer Fans!

But he might not be the only former Husker coach on the Volunteers staff. WRCB-TV and the Nashville City Paper are reporting that Bill Callahan is a candidate to join the coaching staff.

It's unclear what the position would be, but I'd speculate that it would be as offensive coordinator. (Volunteer fans are real excited about that possibility.)

It presents an interesting dynamic of a young offensive genius as a head coach, combined with a micromanaging tyrant as his offensive coordinator. Anybody else see the sequel to a clusterfool?

Also rumored to be on the list to join the Volunteer staff is former Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron, who was the subject of Bruce Feldman's great book "Meat Market".