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Corn Flakes Wonders Why You Can't Embrace Chaos

It’s Oklahoma over Texas for the fifth-level tie breaker in the Big 12 South to determine the South champion.

Most of the Husker fans I’ve talked to are perfectly happy with Oklahoma winning the South. I’m guessing that goes back to all those years of playing Oklahoma as a rival, and blaming Texas for screwing us in the formation of the Big 12 conference, so the general attitude amongst Husker fans is that it’s a good day whenever Texas gets screwed. Agree?

Longhorn fans are not taking it lying down, jumping all over CC Machine’s declaration of themselves as Big 12 South champions. It’s not so much the article as it is the comments from ‘Horns fans.

Texas players react. They speak well. Nothing nasty (they apparently leave that up to the fans).

Orakpo, a finalist for the Lombardi Award, said the Longhorns still have much to play for.

"We'll get a chance to play in a great bowl game," Orakpo said. "I've just been telling the guys to keep their heads up. We have a lot to play for. We'll use this as motivation. We still want to prove to everyone that we're the best team in the country. It's really important to us that we play well in the bowl game because we want to finish this season off right."

Someone might mention to Orakpo that this season isn’t over yet. It’s not a foregone conclusion that Oklahoma will lose to Missouri, nor is it forgone that Texas will be shut out of the national title game.

Mack Brown reacts too, and like all coaches who get screwed, wants a change in the system after the fact: 

Brown also proposed a rule change that would alter how the Big 12 employs BCS standings in the future in the case of three-way ties.

"Since this situation has never happened before in the Big 12, I think the conference should follow the lead of all of the other BCS leagues with championship games [ACC/Conference USA/Mid-American/SEC] in how they settle three-way ties," Brown said. "I think their systems are fairer and give more credit to how the two highest-ranked teams performed against each other on the field."

If that system had been in place, Texas Tech would have been thrown out because of having the lowest BCS ranking among the three South Division tri-champions. The Texas-Oklahoma deadlock would then have been decided by a head-to-head meeting which the Longhorns would have won because of their 45-35 triumph Oct. 11 in Dallas.

In other words, Mack Brown would deny you of so much fun in the interest of fairness.… or in the interests of Texas Longhorn football, whichever comes first. Mack Brown hates chaos, all the more reason why you should embrace it!

Because if you think you know all the angles, Doc Saturday throws another grenade.

  Something tells me there’s plenty more left to this season with only one regular season week left to go, more chaos and gnashing of the teeth. A playoff would take all of this away from us, and yet it seems to be what so many want. I still don’t get it. Why??? This isn’t fun enough?