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Nebraska vs. Kansas Post Game Overreaction

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- At least one big time streak stays alive!!!! Kansas still hasn’t won in Lincoln since 1968. (Yeah, I know the sell-out streak stays alive, but that’s about us, the fans, not about the football team.)

- Ndamukong Suh. Is there any doubt now that this guy is the best player on the entire team? Suh dominated the middle so much that Kansas ran to the edges. Then on an option play you saw Suh make a tackle on the pitch man. And if that wasn’t enough, he scores as a fullback on a play-action reception!  SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!

- What are we going to rename “House of Spears”? Suggestions welcome!

- The defense. There were some miscues. The two big plays in the first half were the result of defensive meltdowns. But the front four played like men possessed. The defensive secondary made their mistakes, but as the game went on they made some great plays too, especially when the game was on the line.

-  We didn’t miss Lydon Murtha at all. Lucky didn’t play much (at all?) in the second half, and Castille did very well and didn’t lose the ball. Good for the future. Kind of sad for Murtha and Lucky.

- Best of all? Where was Kerry Meier??? I only screamed KERRY MEIER at my television once during the game, and that was when it was all over in the fourth quarter. What’s up with that? My fears were unfounded? Can someone from Kansas explain this?

- We’re bowl eligible. The program gets more practice time. That’s a big deal, and with Kansas State and Colorado left, we still have a good shot at a pretty decent season!