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2008 College Football Week Ten Predictions: The Strong Survive

I cannot believe I put this whole thing together last night, then didn't publish it. I tried to back date it, much like a late invoice. It didn't work. Argh.

November. This is the time of the year where we start grousing about the BCS and playoffs. Pundits raise their voices, blogs write anthems, even though just about everything works itself out by the end of November.

That's because November is the month for the strongest. Nebraska faces that challenge this weekend. We can still have a fairly decent season by winning the next three games. Or we can lose to Kansas. Hell, even though Kansas State and Colorado look too lost to compete with us, we could lose those games too.

Now is the time to shine, not just for us, but for those teams who desire the top. Just like everything else in life, you can't get there by just bitching about it. You have to fight hard to win.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech

Tech favored by 3

Husker Mike: I thought Tech would lose to KU.  Thought they would lose to UT. So maybe I should reverse jinx them.
I'm a man, I'm 42.  Arrrrr. I'm a Pirate 35

Corn Blight:
Tech is great at home, but off the biggest win in school history can they do it again? I'll go with Tech again. After watching last week's winning play, Michael Crabtree has transcended being merely special and has become somewhat of a superman.
Tech 48, OSU 45

Kansas State @ Mizzou

Missouri by 26.5

Husker Mike: The Ron Prince Farewell Tour starts in Columbia. Kansas State's defense has been horrible all year.  No reason to think that'll change this week.
Tigers 69, Puddytats 27
Corn Blight: Kansas State hasn't knocked off a big name yet this season. And they won't. They're done.
Missouri 52, Kansas State 20

Iowa State @ Colorado

Colorado favored by 10

Husker Mike: Why the hell is this game on TV?
Corn Blight: Because Nebraska fans will buy PPV
Husker Mike: More people will buy this PPV than will show up at Folsom Prison.

Corn Blight: Iowa State is lost and on the road. Colorado is lost, but they're at home.
Buffs 20, Iowa State 10

Husker Mike: Every so often, the Clones look good. They're overdue.
Clones 24, Buffies 17

Baylor @ Texas

Texas favored by 27.5

Husker Mike: Bovines got punked in Lubbock last week. Bears nearly knocked of Missouri.  Thank god we don't have to play Griffin when he's a Jr or Sr.
Bovines 45, Bears 21

Corn Blight: Texas takes out their anger on Baylor, but their defense still can't stop Robert Griffin.
Texas 35, Baylor 24

Oklahoma @ Texas A&M

Sooners favored by 27

Husker Mike: A&M has been playing better the last few weeks. Against Colorado and Iowa State, however. They gave up 500+ yards to the Clones. This one might need the mercy rule.
Sooners 77, A&M 10

Corn Blight: Texas A&M is tough at home. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Oklahoma squashes A&M like a bug. (sigh)
Oklahoma 63, Aggies 20

Alabama @ LSU

Bama favored by 3

Husker Mike: LSU has been stinking up the joint in recent weeks. LSU fans (and seniors) have been waiting for this game for some time.
Saban Hating Nation (LSU) 27, Saban Nation (Bama) 21
Corn Blight: Bama is only favored by 3 because they can't play a full game. Satan still paying Saban back on his half of the contract, though.
'Bama 24, LSU 21.

Georgia Tech @ North Carolina

NC favored by 4.5

Husker Mike: Tech finally got knocked off last week.
GT 27, NC 21

Corn Blight: It's too close to basketball season for Tar Heels fans to care anymore. That's unfortunate. Paul Johnson gets the Yellow Jackets going.
GT 28, NC 23.


Florida favored by 23

Husker Mike: Gators have been on one serious roll in recent weeks.
Florida 52, Vandy 13

Corn Blight: Urban Meyer is all about style points.
Florida 42, Vandy 17

Cal @ USC

USC favored by 21


Corn Blight: USC - Pete Carroll is all pissy about the BCS and being left out. He'll take it out on Cal, which won't earn him any favors in the Pac 10.
USC 65, Cal 28

Husker Mike: USC is schizoid this year.  Looking like an NFL team one week, looking like a MAC squad the next.
USC 35, Cal 7

Kansas @ Nebraska

Huskers favored by 1 now

Husker Mike: KU gave up 63 points to TT. Gave up 33 to ISU. But KU played OU just a wee bit closer than NU did. This one's really a tossup. Game's in Lincoln. Can't let Reesing throw all day.  Do what the Huskers did against TT, ISU, and Baylor:  eat clock and keep the defense off the field.
NU 38, KU 31

Corn Blight: I can see this being a mirror of the Texas Tech game. We did that on the road in Lubbock which isn't an easy place to play. And KU's defense is susceptible to our offense. I wasn't kidding earlier this week. Kerry Meier scares me more than anyone. The guy just plays good football.
Nebraska 34, Kansas 31