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2008 CBS Sports Blog Poll Top 25 Week 14 Ballot: Oklahoma over Texas

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My top five haven't changed since last week.

#1 - Alabama, although I'm not sold on them as a solid #1, I think Florida will beat them in the SEC Championship game. A solid win over their rival Auburn, although not that impressive because Auburn lost a lot this season (especially their minds).

#2 - Oklahoma.

#3 - Texas.

#4 - Florida. No doubt either Alabama or Florida will be in the national title game, so right now rankings don't matter as much. Win the game, you get your shot at immortality. I don't care for either of these teams, so don't ask me to pick one.

#5 - USC. USC lost that one game to Oregon State and it cost them everything. Pete Carroll did his whining about a playoff earlier in the year, so hopefully we won't have to hear much more from him.

Oklahoma - Texas

I have Oklahoma ahead of Texas for the following reasons:

- End of season high. Oklahoma played a better opponent on the road and beat them. Texas got a down Aggies team, the Sooners got an Oklahoma State team that's done as well as any Cowboy team in the last 20 years.

- Texas non-conference schedule is a joke, while Oklahoma soundly beat both TCU and Cincinnati. Should the "head-to-head" reference come up in a discussion with a Longhorn, feel free to throw the "body of work" phrase in their face.

The bottom line here is I firmly believe teams (especially power house school like Texas) should be doing a better job of scheduling tough games and if they're not they deserve to be penalized where it hurts the most - at the end of the year. 

Is this subjective? Yes, but all things college football are subjective. This is not the NFL where things are neatly packaged (and I might add, is boring as watching corn grow when compared to college football).


Yeah, I'm ranking Nebraska at #24. Our four losses came against Oklahoma, Missouri (before the loss to Oklahoma State sucked the life out of them), Virginia Tech, and Texas Tech in OT. That's not a bad group to lose to.

Again, tell me why I'm wrong.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama --
2 Oklahoma --
3 Texas --
4 Florida --
5 Southern Cal --
6 Penn State 1
7 Texas Tech 1
8 Utah 2
9 Boise State 1
10 Cincinnati 7
11 Ohio State 2
12 TCU 1
13 Ball State 2
14 Oregon 8
15 Oklahoma State 4
16 Georgia Tech 5
17 Missouri 5
18 Georgia 4
19 Brigham Young --
20 Boston College --
21 Pittsburgh 5
22 Northwestern 4
23 Michigan State 1
24 Nebraska 1
25 Mississippi 1


Dropped Out: Oregon State (#16), Florida State (#23).