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2008 CBS Sports Blog Poll Top 25 College Football Rankings - Week 13 Initial Ballot

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I did not vote last week due to my week off in the fatherland. I return this week to present you withthis week's draft ballot for the CBS Sports College Football... blah de blah as made famous by Brian Cook of mgoblog fame.

#1 - Alabama - Satan continues to pay off (as he always does in the second year) on Nick Saban's latest contract.

#2 - Oklahoma - Ahead of Texas? Yes. First of all it annoys the Longhorn fans. Second, Oklahoma has been playing like they're the best team in the nation (too bad Alabama doesn't play in the Big 12, they would have already lost twice by now), and third - Texas non-conference schedule sucked. Really sucked.

#3 - Texas. See above. Am I being unfair to Texas?

#4 - Florida. Playing very well. You could make the case for them anywhere in the top five.

#5 - Okay, you know I've been out for a week. My question about USC is BCS-related, not poll related. If Oregon State wins the Pac-10 and therefore the Rose Bowl, does USC get a BCS bowl bid?

6 -24 is nutty insanity.

#25 - Nebraska. Hey, why not? Three of our four losses were to Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech. Our schedule is one of the toughest in the nation - 17th by Sagarin. Screw the "getting votes category", I'm ranking us this week.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 25
2 Oklahoma 24
3 Texas 23
4 Florida 22
5 Southern Cal 21
6 Utah 20
7 Penn State 19
8 Texas Tech 18
9 Ohio State 17
10 Boise State 16
11 Oklahoma State 15
12 Missouri 14
13 TCU 13
14 Georgia 12
15 Ball State 11
16 Oregon State 10
17 Cincinnati 9
18 Northwestern 8
19 Brigham Young 7
20 Boston College 6
21 Georgia Tech 5
22 Oregon 4
23 Florida State 3
24 Michigan State 2
25 Nebraska 1


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