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Week 12 Husker Report Card: Bye

The dreaded opponent: BYE. Never been defeated, let alone scored upon, they never get the respect other teams get. Never chosen for television, fans show disinterest. Undaunted, we'll press on with our usual coverage here at CornNation.

Offensive Line: C No running room this week, though they didn't allow a sack either. In addition, offensive lineman Andy Christensen will miss the bowl game after being sentenced to three weeks in jail for a criminal mischief charge resulting from an incident that got him suspended from the team.

Running Back: C- Running room was tough to find this week, as the offense was essentially shut down. Marlon Lucky was observed with his foot in an orthopedic boot this week, trying to recover from a turf toe.

Wide Receiver: C An uncharacteristic quiet week from this group.

Quarterback: C- Joe Ganz underwent an MRI, which revealed a bruised shoulder. The positive aspect of that is that backups Patrick Witt and Zac Lee got valuable time this week. But no...don't worry, Ganz is expected to be ready to go on Friday against Colorado.

Defensive Line: C No sacks, no pressure on the quarterback.

Linebackers: C Cody Glenn is still suspended, with no word as to when (let alone if) he'll be reinstated. Good news is that Phillip Dillard might be ready to return for the Colorado game.

Secondary: C Well, no long gains this week because of busted coverage! On the other hand, no turnovers forced either.

Coaching: D- One of the things that I thought Bo Pelini was going to take care of is ensuring that coaching football would take precidence over recruiting. So why are they dropping the ball and leaving the team to recruit? It showed this week.

Overall: C Well, it's not a loss...and nobody's defeated "BYE" yet. So we'll take it.

Elsewhere in College Football

Oklahoma: A+ Anybody else hoping to see an Oklahoma/Florida championship game in the BCS? It's going to take some work for it to happen, but as far as I'm concerned, they're the two best teams in the country.

Notre Dame: F Sorry Charlie. If you coached any other team in the country, you'd be battling for a Weed-Eater Bowl bid, rather than being in the discussions for a name bowl game.

BCS: F Any system that matches Cincinatti and Boston College in the Orange Bowl is fatally flawed. And now they've sold the broadcasting rights to ESPN, so this disaster shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Paging Jack Kevorkian...